Netscape CDs Free In UK

Wednesday August 25th, 1999

Colin Geer writes, "Did you get the news about Netscape being distributed by AOL in shops in the UK as part of their New Netscape online service? I think it's a cool development. There's an article on ZDNet about it. It's the start of free Netscape CDs for millions!".

#21 It can't be - aol acknowledging the ROW

by danielhill <>

Friday August 27th, 1999 12:23 AM

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does this mean that, shock horror, maybe an Australian version of NS5??

Nah. Even though us Aussies are wiping the floor with you yanks in swimming, and the biggest sporting event ever will be held here, we'll never see Netscape cater for Australa.

Oh well. {sigh} back to NineMSN