Netscape CDs Free In UK

Wednesday August 25th, 1999

Colin Geer writes, "Did you get the news about Netscape being distributed by AOL in shops in the UK as part of their New Netscape online service? I think it's a cool development. There's an article on ZDNet about it. It's the start of free Netscape CDs for millions!".

#19 Excerpt from Bizweek article:

by Kovu <>

Thursday August 26th, 1999 10:56 PM

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By creating, AOL is creating another new channel in cyberspace--in addition to its core service, CompuServe, Digital Cities, and ICQ, which enables international chat. The latest flavor is aimed at daytime Web surfers who log on from work and at Net aficionados who are too sophisticated for AOL. will be sold with Internet access, giving AOL its splashiest Web brand. Simultaneously, Netscape will release a new browser with direct links to features on the Netcenter portal, such as online shopping and entree to cyber-meeting halls.

The new Netcenter site will benefit from a major makeover. During business hours, the site will be focused on workplace needs. Business users, for example, could use Netscape's new browser to directly connect to new virtual communities that AOL will create, such as a virtual bazaar to sell and exchange goods and services. But after working hours, the site will take on another personality entirely, morphing into a leisure-oriented hangout, drawing on the programming already offered by AOL. ''We are trying to provide a Web service that can help workers manage their business and personal lives in one location,'' says an AOL executive.