Netscape CDs Free In UK

Wednesday August 25th, 1999

Colin Geer writes, "Did you get the news about Netscape being distributed by AOL in shops in the UK as part of their New Netscape online service? I think it's a cool development. There's an article on ZDNet about it. It's the start of free Netscape CDs for millions!".

#14 Infobrowser

by thelem

Thursday August 26th, 1999 1:33 PM

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You have to remember Netscape Online ISP is not actually free, it makes money from a cut of the phone calls (which vary from 0.7-5 pence a minute depending on telco and time of day). But these are local call charges which you get with all ISPs.

As from the infobrowser, you can simply use the ALT+F4 shortcut to close it, or if you are running windowblinds ( <> ) the the close button works.

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