Netscape CDs Free In UK

Wednesday August 25th, 1999

Colin Geer writes, "Did you get the news about Netscape being distributed by AOL in shops in the UK as part of their New Netscape online service? I think it's a cool development. There's an article on ZDNet about it. It's the start of free Netscape CDs for millions!".

#12 Netscape Online in the US?

by Kovu <>

Thursday August 26th, 1999 10:21 AM

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As I mentioned above, I would be there. But it's likely not to be free over here, and probably not likely til after December or so, when Nav 5.0 is out. They'll have to have a quality offering over here or it won't do well, none of this "completely free but bombarded with advertising whether you like it or not" stuff.