New IE Security Hole - And It's a Big One!

Tuesday August 24th, 1999

Yet another hole has been found in Internet Explorer's ActiveX implementation. This one allows arbitrary code to be written to the user's hard-drive. The bug was found by Georgi Guninski, who has found many security bugs in IE and Communicator. To read more about it, click here to visit Georgi's page. If you click "Test it" beside the name of this bug ("Executing programs with IE 5.0") while using IE, the page you visit will write a small bit of sample code to your StartUp menu. You've been warned. Georgi calls this bug "the most significant of my discoveries and the most dangerous also".

Thanks to Zaw for the news.

#20 Question???

by locka <>

Thursday August 26th, 1999 3:14 AM

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In theory it would be possible to write an XPCOM that worked on all platforms (with recompilation of course).

The problem is that ActiveX is an application of COM for visual and automated objects that requires each object to implement certain COM interfaces. So assuming you were copying Microsoft's APIs you would have to create the XPCOM equivalents of IDispatch, IOleControl, IOleObject, IDataObject, IOleInPlaceObject, IOleInPlaceSite, IQuickActivate, IPersistPropertyBag etc.