Eric Raymond On Mozilla

Friday August 20th, 1999

Adam Lock writes, "Eric Raymond has added this epilogue to his 'The Cathedral and the Bazaar' essay which talks all about Mozilla."

Well, it's not the glowing review you'd hope for (and he doesn't seem to realize that some things don't happen overnight), but it's a better assessment than we've seen in some news organizations recently.

I find Mike Shaver's status update much more even-handed, even if he is from the mozilla team, if only because his comments are based on actual numbers, not just impressions of the project.

#1 What?

by Anon

Friday August 20th, 1999 7:04 AM

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We know mozilla made mistakes when launching their source code, however as Eric was actually at their early strategy meetings why didn't he tell them the problems of releasing uncompilable code before they went ahead and released it?