M9 Soon, Then Straight On To M11

Thursday August 19th, 1999

The tree has already been opened up to M10 builds, and a finalized M9 release is due soon. According to Jim Everingham of the mozilla development team, M10 feature work will continue, but there will be no M10 release, and they will continue work towards an M11 release. The M10 featureset should be completed by the end of August; M11 and a feature-freeze should occur September 21.

The new plan is codenamed "Porkjet". Why? You can find out by reading Jim's newsgroup post.

Thanks to Asa Dotzler for the news.

#1 M9 Soon, Then Straight On To M11

by Stromgol <>

Thursday August 19th, 1999 9:26 PM

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why aren't they renaming M11 to M10 then??

ok this is not a very intelligent post but, I mean... it's jsut natural after 9, 10