M9 Soon, Then Straight On To M11

Thursday August 19th, 1999

The tree has already been opened up to M10 builds, and a finalized M9 release is due soon. According to Jim Everingham of the mozilla development team, M10 feature work will continue, but there will be no M10 release, and they will continue work towards an M11 release. The M10 featureset should be completed by the end of August; M11 and a feature-freeze should occur September 21.

The new plan is codenamed "Porkjet". Why? You can find out by reading Jim's newsgroup post.

Thanks to Asa Dotzler for the news.

#1 M9 Soon, Then Straight On To M11

by Stromgol

Thursday August 19th, 1999 9:26 PM

why aren't they renaming M11 to M10 then??

ok this is not a very intelligent post but, I mean... it's jsut natural after 9, 10

#2 M9 Soon, Then Straight On To M11

by MattyT

Thursday August 19th, 1999 9:36 PM

Like the post says - it's a milestone, not a "milestone release". The milestone is still there, they just won't spend the time to polish it up.

I don't recall M1 and M2 being released, not under that name anyway.

#3 M9 Soon, Then Straight On To M11

by sdm

Thursday August 19th, 1999 10:16 PM

Am I the only one who gets the joke? I wonder how many mozilla drummers have spontaneously combusted...

#10 M9 Soon, Then Straight On To M11

by Anon

Friday August 20th, 1999 9:39 AM

...but these go to eleven!

#16 If it's in hex, then we skipped 7 builds!

by Anon

Wednesday August 25th, 1999 1:37 PM

Has anyone clarified that the milestone build numbers are base-10?

#13 M9 Soon, Then Straight On To M11

by ywwg

Saturday August 21st, 1999 11:35 AM

But why don't you just make the ten higher than it is now, and make _that_ the next number?

#4 Three months for optimization

by Kovu

Thursday August 19th, 1999 11:13 PM

If AOL really does intend to release Navigator 5.0 in December, that means about 3 months for optimization and bug quashing.

I wonder how long for the beta, or if that's what's targeted in December.

Drooling, drooling...

#11 Three months for optimization

by Jake

Friday August 20th, 1999 10:51 AM

According to the newsgroup post linked above, M11 is esentially Beta 1.

I hope that means full release is still on track for December.

#5 M10 and M11

by Anon

Thursday August 19th, 1999 11:39 PM

The idea looks compressed somhow, and it bothers me that I can't even read the news post because it is not rendered enen reasonably by M8. And it is not really that complicated a page.

#7 M10 and M11

by mozineAdmin

Friday August 20th, 1999 4:40 AM

Well, it shouldn't bother you too much, because it renders fine in my 8-16 build.

#6 Security & Java

by Anon

Friday August 20th, 1999 1:02 AM

So when will these be put to work?

#12 Security & Java

by sj12fn

Saturday August 21st, 1999 12:25 AM

Encryption is (thanks to RSA and ITAR) going to be a propriatary feature (but see (AU site :-)). As for Java, OJI will let the public plug in Japhar, whilst Netscape/Sun plugs in the Sun JVM.

#8 Blackwood

by Anon

Friday August 20th, 1999 8:33 AM

Does anyone know if the Java Blackwood features are planned for the final Mozilla release in December? Also, how well are people responding to the Bugathon?

#9 M9 Soon, Then Straight On To M11

by zontar

Friday August 20th, 1999 9:28 AM


I don't really know what's happening with Blackwood (if anything), but you can read about BugZilla's progress thorugh the end of June on's Updates page. ( More recent info is likely available in the Moz newsgroups.

#14 Can't Wait!

by Anon

Saturday August 21st, 1999 5:52 PM

Feature freeze September 21? That soon? Pretty good for a dead project, don't you think? Long live the lizard!

#15 glibc2.0

by Anon

Saturday August 21st, 1999 9:52 PM

Will they release a statically-linked binary to us glibc2.0 users?