Netscape Press Release on Mozilla Status

Wednesday August 18th, 1999

Beg sent in a link to this press release from Netscape. It's the official rehashing of the mozilla status done by Mike Shaver on July 27th.

#1 Where's M9

by Anon

Thursday August 19th, 1999 9:44 AM

Any news on why M9 is late? According to the schedule, it was due Monday (8/16).

Mike Crist

#3 Where's M9

by Tekhir

Thursday August 19th, 1999 11:01 AM

The schedule is only when they stop working on new features, they commonly spend a week afterwards cleaning up the code and squashing bugs.

It should appear soon, I saw two M10 nightlys.

#5 Where's M9

by jevering

Thursday August 19th, 1999 2:29 PM

M9 is still being worked on. This is the milestone where we basically transplanted the entire network library with Necko, out new networking library.. hopefully we will have it wrapped up in a few days or so.. Jim

#2 Netscape Press Release on Mozilla Status

by Anon

Thursday August 19th, 1999 10:27 AM

Finally.. Netscape trying to get some spin control on the project. A success story will attract more developers...

#4 Release in December

by Kovu

Thursday August 19th, 1999 1:58 PM

I wonder if they still schedule Navigator 5.0 for December. Hope so.

#6 Other systems?

by Anon

Thursday August 19th, 1999 3:27 PM

They talked about some other systems that already have support... I noticed when downloading today's nightly that only Linux, Win32, Mac, Solaris (i386 and Sparc) and Irix are currently being built.

When will there be nightly builds for other platforms (like FreeBSD, OS/2, BeOS, etc)?

#7 Other systems?

by wheezy

Thursday August 19th, 1999 3:43 PM

I'm not sure, although I thought BeOS was being built... but regardless, it took a while for the Solaris and IRIX ports to come up to speed enough to be considered "worth it" to build nightly. Other platforms are being developed, of course, and are compilable from source.

#8 Other systems?

by Tekhir

Thursday August 19th, 1999 7:10 PM

BeOs isn't built nightly only during the actual milestone release, I'm sure the others you mention are like that too.