RMS On Mozilla

Tuesday August 17th, 1999

Joerg Beierle brought to our attention an interesting interview with Richard Stallman at LinuxWorld. There are a few comments about Mozilla about halfway into the article.

#9 RMS On Mozilla

by Anon

Tuesday August 17th, 1999 6:33 PM

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RMS never said that the FSF could do a better job.

He said, "I don't know if we can do technically a better job than they are doing, maybe we could. I see no reason to think that Netscape wants to give it up. Do they want to? I mean, I haven't heard. I suspect that they want to finish it."

In other words, Netscape is doing a fine job, and the FSF doesn't want to take over development unless Netscape is going to stop.

RMS discusses what problems he has with the NPL at <>