RMS On Mozilla

Tuesday August 17th, 1999

Joerg Beierle brought to our attention an interesting interview with Richard Stallman at LinuxWorld. There are a few comments about Mozilla about halfway into the article.

#35 A couple of thoughts

by locka <>

Thursday August 19th, 1999 10:44 AM

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RMS suggests (though hedgingly) that developers might not have been attracted to Mozilla because of the licence.

This is unlikely. The more plausible reason is that Mozilla has been - until recently - a non-functioning piece of code. It didn't much at all except take a very long time to download, configure and build. Only masochistic developers (or paid employees of Netscape) would assist in shaping it to what it has become. Now that it is more stable and usable, the number of volunteers is increasing very nicely.

Another interesting thing to come out of the interview is that RMS is *way* behind the times when it comes to browsers. I mean Lynx is one of the most antiquated browsers around. It certainly explains why the Gnu site has such an appalling appearance.

I doubt very much (whether RMS was doing it or someone else) that the FSF could produce Mozilla any faster than it is being done now. Just look at the aeons it took for GNOME to make 1.0. And Mozilla is at least as complicated as GNOME, if not more so.