RMS On Mozilla

Tuesday August 17th, 1999

Joerg Beierle brought to our attention an interesting interview with Richard Stallman at LinuxWorld. There are a few comments about Mozilla about halfway into the article.

#33 RMS On Mozilla

by zontar

Thursday August 19th, 1999 3:40 AM

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A couple of years ago, when I was younger and more impressionable than I am now, I used to think rather highly of Mr Barr; he detested Microsoft for many of the same reasons that I was less than enchanted with it, and he was fairly eloquent in his expression of his views.

However, two things have happened to change that:

1. His slide downhill into pottymouth-ism in the MS forums at the NY Times website, and

2) His website, which a) is designed so that it's virtually unusable at anything under 12X10 resolution; and b) has an "IE is banned" policy. The former is annoying and shows either narrowmindedness or ignorance (and I'm less and less inclined to let it off as the latter, since I've personally communicated to him on numerous occasions that the majority of folks *don't* surf the Web at anything over 8X6); and the second is just plain juvenile -- not to mention a major disservice to those who could possibly benefit from exposure to some of his views (namely, MSIE users).

This article makes #3. I really wish that JB would either grow a couple of clues or quit getting his cluelessness passed off as journalism.

I'm sorry, I really like the guy, but it needed to be said.

As for RMS, I'm sorry, but -- place the care and feeding of Moz in the hands of someone who thinks the whole world ought to be on a command line and nothing else? I think not. I hope Moz stays put -- I have no bone to pick with FSF, far from it -- and if they want to grab a copy of the source and release their own "branded" version, I'm okay with that, but I see no need to fix something that seems to be working...