RMS On Mozilla

Tuesday August 17th, 1999

Joerg Beierle brought to our attention an interesting interview with Richard Stallman at LinuxWorld. There are a few comments about Mozilla about halfway into the article.

#31 `Hate leads to suffering' -- Yoda

by Anon

Thursday August 19th, 1999 1:18 AM

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`I know its more of a joke but copyright makes sense (the right to copy) copyleft is just stupid.'

`Copyright' is *not* the right to copy. It's the right to *stop* people from copying. So what's your point? Are you complaining just about the word `copyleft', or about the idea?

If it's the word you don't like, you're probably right. rms has a very bad habit of giving things confusing names (`free software', `copyleft', `GNU') which make it harder for people to understand what he's on about.

If it's the idea you detest, though, you're on much shakier ground. Copyleft *is* a very, very good idea.

-- mpt