RMS On Mozilla

Tuesday August 17th, 1999

Joerg Beierle brought to our attention an interesting interview with Richard Stallman at LinuxWorld. There are a few comments about Mozilla about halfway into the article.

#21 RMS On Mozilla

by FrodoB

Wednesday August 18th, 1999 9:32 AM

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Disclaimer: I can't access the article for some reason or another, so I haven't actually seen what RMS said.

That having been said, the URL given (to RMS's comments on the NPL on is out of date. As I understand the 13th item in the NPL version 1.1, RMS's arguments against GPL compatibility are moot, as you can license pieces of the code separately under different licenses. 1.1 was made for this reason (and a couple of others).

That being said, I've never particularly cared for copyleft. It's fine for software in which no profit is to be extracted from derivatives, but I prefer the NPL/MPL in commercial software (because the company can make needed extensions without having to release proprietary code for public consumption). GPLing Mozilla would, IMHO, probably drive many commercial companies away from using it as an embedded service.