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Sunday August 15th, 1999

The last poll was apparently unclear, so we have a new poll up.

Let me make something clear to all the OS/2 users in a tizzy because their OS of choice wasn't in the last poll. The poll's intent was not to catalog reader's OS of choice. If that was the case, Win9x and WinNT would have been on the list, as well. The poll was meant to gauge expectations for new OS revisions (with the addition of Mozilla on Java, which is a new platform in and of itself). I've seen no indication (and have yet to find any) that a new revision of the consumer OS/2 is planned. I have come across vague rumblings that StarDock might take over development, but that's really not enough to qualify as a new revision. That is the only reason OS/2 wasn't on the list.

The poll was not worded clearly, and I apologize. I will make an effort in the future to phrase the poll better. However, trying to imply that I deliberately left OS/2 off of the poll for some malicious reason is absurd.

#52 What is the purpose of this poll ?

by Anon

Tuesday August 17th, 1999 7:06 AM

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It is not clear to me for what reasons this poll is conducted. If it is for the future development of Mozilla then it should include ALL OS. If you want to know what people expect to use as an OS in the future then you should leave a blank space that could be filled in by the people, is'n it ?

As I am concerned, I have a machine running CPM since 1980, an other with Caldera DRDOS 7.02 and two running OS/2 Warp 3 since 1994 and all of them are Y2K compliant.

As long as these machines do their job properly, I have no intent or expectations for a change.

The bigger and faster "hype" is not for me. I prefer and expect small, practical and bug free operations from my units.

"Small is beautiful."