Mozilla Article at; MS Trips Up in Messaging War

Friday August 13th, 1999

Paul Festa of takes another shot at summarizing the state of the browser war.

Also, in other news on the MS/AOL fistfight, it appears MS has tripped up (free subscription required at the N.Y. Times site). Someone from MS apparently posed as an independent programmer, and wrote a letter to Richard Smith, a computer security expert with significant clout with the press, detailing supposed security issues raised by AOL's blocking of MSN Messenger clients.

Smith traced the mail back to Microsoft. Microsoft apparently hasn't found the culprit, but they used the opportunity to state the same attack on AOL seen in the forged letter - "It's unfortunate they're putting user security at risk."

#7 MS trying to hijack AOL's systems

by brobinson

Friday August 13th, 1999 1:48 PM

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MS wants 2 things from AOL:

1) To hijack its system and not have to pay a thing or display the ads that are supporting it.

2) (Will probably be the next thing that happens) To kill the Netscape browser on Windows and other platforms that IE supports to the point that it is not a threat at all but they can still say "There is still competition!"

Why do they point at AOL's buying of Netscape as a sign of competition? It looks more like Netscape was afraid of Microsoft completely destroying them (Microsoft doesn't do that, they only cripple companies so they can point at them later and say "There is still competition!") They even had to invest in Apple so they could say that. AOL must watch its back cause Microsoft will surely stab it.