Mozilla Article at; MS Trips Up in Messaging War

Friday August 13th, 1999

Paul Festa of takes another shot at summarizing the state of the browser war.

Also, in other news on the MS/AOL fistfight, it appears MS has tripped up (free subscription required at the N.Y. Times site). Someone from MS apparently posed as an independent programmer, and wrote a letter to Richard Smith, a computer security expert with significant clout with the press, detailing supposed security issues raised by AOL's blocking of MSN Messenger clients.

Smith traced the mail back to Microsoft. Microsoft apparently hasn't found the culprit, but they used the opportunity to state the same attack on AOL seen in the forged letter - "It's unfortunate they're putting user security at risk."

#35 Instant messenger is proprietary - don't use it

by locka <>

Monday August 16th, 1999 4:56 AM

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Why is MS being made out to be the baddy in this latest war? After all, MS are trying to make a *proprietary* messaging format open. It is AOL who are behaving like spoilt children, adding blockers to prevent the Yahoo! and MS clients from working.

Sure, Microsoft's motives are selfish but at the end of the day why does that matter? If a standard is open to all then users can use any client that works with it. That could be AOL, MS, Mozilla or anything else.

Folks, it is practically the mission statement for Mozilla that it only adopts open standards. Therefore, if AOL doesn't want others (whether they are competitors or not) to use their protocol, we should tell them where they can stick it. I don't care if Netscape is owned by AOL. The same goes for Microsoft, Yahoo! and ICQ if they decide the same way.