Mozilla Article at; MS Trips Up in Messaging War

Friday August 13th, 1999

Paul Festa of takes another shot at summarizing the state of the browser war.

Also, in other news on the MS/AOL fistfight, it appears MS has tripped up (free subscription required at the N.Y. Times site). Someone from MS apparently posed as an independent programmer, and wrote a letter to Richard Smith, a computer security expert with significant clout with the press, detailing supposed security issues raised by AOL's blocking of MSN Messenger clients.

Smith traced the mail back to Microsoft. Microsoft apparently hasn't found the culprit, but they used the opportunity to state the same attack on AOL seen in the forged letter - "It's unfortunate they're putting user security at risk."

#17 Mozilla Article at; MS Trips Up in Messag

by Pyro

Friday August 13th, 1999 9:27 PM

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By the many arms of Vishnu, I hope that MS dies. Reading the NYT article (I live in NY, it was front page on the business section) just makes me want to strangle them. Such childish behavior should be expected from MS though, seeing that Bill Gates can't even keep his hair straight. Pointing fingers at AOL should be pointed back. Over all these years, all arguments that MS has made accusing others of wrongdoing can be pointed right back at MS. "Government is bad for software" is MS. "Open IM standards"...I don't see MS letting the public know its methods for hacking into AOL's systems. "AOL's software isn't secure"...last time I checked, hacking Windows is easier than taking candy from a baby. AOL really should sue, or at least get an injunction. Are Sun and Apple the only large companies that are willing to sue MS? Oh wait, Apple "settled" like a crippled zebra to a lion.