HTTP Compression (First Phase) Implemented in Mozilla!

Thursday September 17th, 1998 has just gone up with news that Mozilla now has a limited form of HTTP compression! In this first phase of the implementation, the browser sends an "Accept-encoding: gzip" header to the server. If the correct Apache server module is installed, and the access.conf file in the requested document's directory has a line "CompressContent: yes", the server will look for any gzipped versions of the requested file in that directory. Whew!

But that's just the first step. Click here to read about what's to come!

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by ok__computer <>

Tuesday September 29th, 1998 2:05 PM

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i think we lost track of the origional thread there with the "multiple posts" issue... but am i correct in understanding that http compression != html compression (although that would be pretty neat in the case of some of the over nested-table sites..) and the fact that it's (at least so far on this site) reported to only work along with apache is interesting. somehow i can't imagine m$ "pioneering" (lmao) a technology that would only run on a server that isn't even remotely native to NT. so i'm assuming that the html compression is being used in conjunction with that..(excuse the syntax it's bad...i'm a web guy, not a network guy :) so in a way, netscape is essentially using the same stupid tactics m$ does then, (duck) but just with m$ competitors (allbeit makers of better (and free)products..) i'm probably not reading this correctly, but if i am, this is kind of annoying. it's like a smurfs episode when poppa smurf explains that "we'd be no better than gargamel if we threw him in the vat of lava..." apache's AWESOME; but um...choice? remember choice?