HTTP Compression (First Phase) Implemented in Mozilla!

Thursday September 17th, 1998 has just gone up with news that Mozilla now has a limited form of HTTP compression! In this first phase of the implementation, the browser sends an "Accept-encoding: gzip" header to the server. If the correct Apache server module is installed, and the access.conf file in the requested document's directory has a line "CompressContent: yes", the server will look for any gzipped versions of the requested file in that directory. Whew!

But that's just the first step. Click here to read about what's to come!

#5 Re:HTTP Compression (First Phase) Implemented in M

by George Giannukos <>

Friday September 18th, 1998 9:50 PM

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I think my question is....

Are web servers going to support this or will only like 5% of server support this HTML compression technology and i really shouldn't get excited about it??