Request From MozillaZine

Thursday August 12th, 1999

I've been considering recently the possibility of adding advertisements to MozillaZine. I've been interested in moving to a dedicated machine which would 1) give us control over the operating environment, 2) free us from sharing CPU time with 50 other websites and 3) give us a machine to use for other projects, and advertising would help pay for the server every month. More importantly, advertisement would allow us to branch off into another area, by allowing us to pay authors for work on tutorials and articles.

So, my questions are:

  • How do you feel about mozillaZine having ad banners? Would you approve if it would help bring new features to the site?
  • What is the difference (in terms of ad revenues) between signing up with a professional ad-banner service and handling advertising internally? Which would you recommend?
  • Would I need to create a business entity if I accepted ad revenues and did payouts to third-party article authors? I assume so, but I know there are a lot of sites out there that have ad banners but aren't necessarily businesses.
  • What are the average rates currently charged for banner space?

#31 good idea

by Kaoslord <>

Friday August 13th, 1999 11:03 PM

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if it helps you out GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! but be forwarned, you might not get much cash.... you should talk with Block Stackers Intergalactic (slashdot) about maybe doing something with them, avoid having to pay some company lots and lots of cash and i believe that similar ads would appeal to the similar communities for higher click through rates which means more $$$ if slashdot uses that variable pricing by clickthrough rate thing. This really sounds like a good idea to me. If you want to start your own system (good luck) use phpAds, since you use php for your website dont you? that can be found at from the makers of phpMyAdmin mysql administartion and phpPolls. Anyways good luck, and if I had the money, id buy ads but I dont believe $20 cuts it....

oh one last suggestion, maybe lease space to other open source related sites for small prices, to help pay for the server since i dont thik you will be using all that power and bandwidth.. and remember, with only a couple of sites you could pull 50-100 bucks a month which is some sunstantial cash to aid you until your ads make you enough cash...