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Tuesday August 10th, 1999

Eric Murphy, MozillaZine member and regular contributor in our forums, has written an opinion piece on the Netscape/ situation. To read it, click Full Article below.

#38 You people just don't get it

by Anon

Thursday August 12th, 1999 5:04 PM

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If you have used BeOS, you would not say that is harder to use. It's not even in the same league as windows, let alone Linux on useability. Just because it is different, doesn't mean that it is harder. A mildly intelligent 4 year-old could install BeOS, and I am not exagerating there. Put in the CD, Turn on the computer, hit enter a couple of times and you are done. The video and sound cards are even set up and ready by then. Don't dis it 'till you try it.