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Tuesday August 10th, 1999

Eric Murphy, MozillaZine member and regular contributor in our forums, has written an opinion piece on the Netscape/ situation. To read it, click Full Article below.

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by ERICmurphy <>

Wednesday August 11th, 1999 9:03 AM

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The biggest problem I see about open source marketing is money.

Let's take Mozilla for example:

No significant funds coming in, therefore no significant funds to be used for marketing. I doubt Netscape would help fund such a thing.

However, there are probably some things that can be done by such a group that require no cash. Those are few and far between however, and their impact would probably not be worth the trouble.

I see marketing as an all or nothing type of thing.


Funds could be obtained by bundling deals with Mozilla software, and maybe even ads strategically placed within the software itself. Also, have any of you guys seen the Fit used at Carlos O'Kelly's TV ad? I call it bundle advertising, and it might be another way to advertise for cheap. There are ways, but it would be a tough road to go.

Also, I am not very sure if the Mozilla name is very marketable.

P.S. I like the focus groups idea.