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Tuesday August 10th, 1999

Eric Murphy, MozillaZine member and regular contributor in our forums, has written an opinion piece on the Netscape/ situation. To read it, click Full Article below.

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by beg <>

Wednesday August 11th, 1999 8:31 AM

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First off, i think that survey that say that Netscape has 25% market share is false, but then again what do i know?

I also made a site a long time ago on this subject: <>

>>>Second, Netscape needs to work the ISPs. I know they have been poor about this. At least convince the ISPs to let the users choose on signup. Show them the customizable chrome - that will get their attention.<<<

Also, needs to get other OEMs to pre-install Netscape. (Dell mainly!!)

>>>Fourth, Netscape needs to be more like Apple and work the education markets. School will take most any deal they can get. I am sure Microsoft is not giving them that great of one. Example: Throw in quality software training kits, show them how to use all the software, like the Editor. Show them how to make web pages and upload them. Show them how to give students their own e-mail address and access it in Communicator easily (roaming). Educators would be tickled to death by this stuff. Maybe even send actual people out to see them. Wow!<<<

You dont understand how big this can be. If netscape gets schools to pre-install Netscape5, then the default site could be Netcenter. Although, most of the time, the default site becomes the school web site.

Netscape could work with schools and show them how to use Netscape as you said, but also tell the schools that Netcenter will give all the students free email accounts and other cool features. The tearchers could talk and make meetings over Netcenter instead of telling them or sending a peace of paper. Or say if the head office wants to see a student, then the main office could just send an ICQ right to that tearch and tell her.

>>>Fifth, People should be able to get Communicator mailed to them on CD for cheap. No questions asked.<<<

Also, put CDs in BlockBuster, too! These CDs could have little presention on all the cool features Netscape browser has and how it integrates with the Netcenter portal and allows people to email, ect.

integrate ICQ with Communicator.

Netscape ICQ. I like the ring to it?? I think it would help brand Netscape, cause so many international users.

One more thing, integrate all of AOL's other web propertiies with Netcenter. Like,, ect...

These would fit nicly with Netcenter. Remeber, Netscape makes money from Netcenter, so they must tie Comminucator w/ their portal.