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Tuesday August 10th, 1999

Eric Murphy, MozillaZine member and regular contributor in our forums, has written an opinion piece on the Netscape/ situation. To read it, click Full Article below.

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by stoecker <>

Wednesday August 11th, 1999 6:32 AM

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An open source marketing group seems like a great idea. But there is much more to consider besides sending out free cds.

This group should be organized in a maybe 3 level structure. First the "International Coordination Group", where the local "Country Groups" which work under. Last, the "Targeting Groups" who take care of such areas as "Consumer", "Business", OEMs/ISPs/VARs/whatever.

I think that only with a strong and tough campaign it is possible to get back market share. There is more to do that just have a better browser/mailer.

I would like to form such a "Country Group" for Germany - but as I mentioned, this has to be a globally coordinated thing. We should not start to raise local activities if there is no international background.

Anyone interested in a more concrete discussion acout this topic? If not - what's wrong about my idea? I'd really like to know what you others think.