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Tuesday August 10th, 1999

Eric Murphy, MozillaZine member and regular contributor in our forums, has written an opinion piece on the Netscape/ situation. To read it, click Full Article below.

#17 If you want Mozilla to succeed

by Luddite

Wednesday August 11th, 1999 6:18 AM

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You need developers who are willing to write and create compelling content without using kludges to support other browsers.

In other words, you need developers to write HTML/CSS/DOM that is 100% standards compliant. Put a link to download Mozilla on the page and state that it'll be needed to view the site as it was intended.

That seems to be the way Netscape flourished and got users to upgrade until IE3/4 came along in the major OS.

Unfortunately, I don't see this happening, even in controlled environments like corporate Intranets.