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Tuesday August 10th, 1999

Eric Murphy, MozillaZine member and regular contributor in our forums, has written an opinion piece on the Netscape/ situation. To read it, click Full Article below.

#15 Reader Opinion: Mozilla Needs Netscape

by Waldo

Wednesday August 11th, 1999 1:37 AM

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1. I guess I care kinda for the same reason I want my local baseball team to win. It's not so much AOL/Netscape's commercial success I care about, but the idea that this open-source project, this grand experiment, should succeed. Because in the long run, a high-profile open-source victory is going to encourage more open-source development, and that's likely to result in more free/good software for everyone. So maybe it's self-interest.

2. A Mozilla "monopoly" would be a victory for open standards, free software, and philosophically a victory for "the people" -- A closed microsoft-style monopoly leads to strangleholds on protocols which leads to a crappy, balklandized Internet. Mozilla's victory will allow different OS's, different platforms, different applications, etc. all to share a free, common, _open_ means of processing and rendering documents-- a system which will surely find itself used in more than just web browsers and can be adapted by the public for all sorts of purposes. In the long run that's great for everyone.