Beta of "Human Factors Programming" Book

Monday August 9th, 1999

Mitch Gould writes,

"'HumanFact(tm)' currently provides 'beta' excerpts from a book-in-the-making, Human Factors Programming with the Document Object Model. Your feedback is welcome.

Chapter 1
This chapter considers HTML-HTTP as a client-server technology and shows how a web browser lays out an HTML document.

Chapter 2
Errors in designing websites frequently result from a misunderstanding of the difference between structure and presentation in document architecture. This chapter provides deprecated and recommended examples that help authors address these issues.

WebAccess CheckPage
A convenient tool for checking one's website against the new guidelines from the W3C's Web Access Initiative.

'Beta' version August 3, 1999.

Send 'bug reports' to:

You get the general picture (tm)."

Thanks, Mitch!

#1 Give *some* users access?

by Anon

Tuesday August 10th, 1999 12:26 PM

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So it says, anyway. So I was most amused to discover I couldn't access the site using Lynx. :)

I fail to see much (if any) advantage in insisting on Javascript support to be able to navigate a site. It certainly seems to go against the spirit of what some of the book is saying.

(apologies for the anonymity: it's because I've misplaced my password, not because I'm afraid of reprisals from the author :)