Win32 Binary Demo of MathML and a New Screenshot

Monday August 9th, 1999

David Fiddes of the MathML posted to the Mozilla MathML newsgroup with not only a new patch, but a binary demo for Win32, and a screenshot of MathML running on Linux (with a caveat regarding symbol drawing - see news post for more info).

#1 A small offtopic Mozilla question

by Anon

Monday August 9th, 1999 1:50 PM

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I've been checking out the daily builds for a while now and I'm very impressed at how far Mozilla has come in the last few months. The recent builds are especially impressive. One question I have about Mozilla (or Gecko?) is how it renders pull-down or text boxes: They're huge. They are rendered smaller in the other browser. What gives? Is this a bug, uncompleted code, or do web pages I check define it nonstandardly?