New MathML Screenshot

Thursday August 5th, 1999

MathML is making great progress! Check out the new screenshot, and follow the progress in the mathml newsgroup.

#5 New MathML Screenshot

by Anon

Thursday August 5th, 1999 5:53 PM

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It look quite capable with respect to what you can express, but the rendering leaves a lot to be desired.

IMHO, people interested in rendering math should spend a few days with the TeXbook by Knuth. I don't believe you can get math people to use it if it does not looks right.

Now specifics:

Subscripts should be set in a smaller font. Subscripts to subscripts in an ever smaller one. Doing the same for superscripts should be good enough for most people.

When a superscipt has a subscript, e.g., a^{u_b}, the placement of "u" should not be higher that for just "a^u". (Thing would be different if "b" was replaced with a large subformula, though.)

Since math symbols are italics, this should influence the horizontal placement of superscripts and subscripts. Basically, A^u_d should have the "u" more to the right than the "d". Otherwise, symbols overlap.

()s should generally be sized based on what is inside. You might need a new tag for that.

The spacing around binary operators is not even. On the scrrenshot "a+c" looks right, but "b+c" is awful. Don't forget that "/" has special spacing rules.

The operator "*" should have the same centerline as "+".