New MathML Screenshot

Thursday August 5th, 1999

MathML is making great progress! Check out the new screenshot, and follow the progress in the mathml newsgroup.

#20 New MathML Screenshot

by Anon

Saturday August 7th, 1999 7:34 AM

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I asked the same question, and they told me that LaTeX (and such) does not understand the content of that is being displayed, as an XML implementation would.

This seems to bring up all sorts of possiblilities, for editors and maybe even mathematical assistants and such.

Could you imagine copying a couple of matricies out of a web page, pasting them into your MathML aware release of Mathematica, and then playing around with the page author's concepts? I can't, it's too mind blowing. Hopefully you will be able to visualize this leap forward better than me.