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Thursday August 5th, 1999

Shashi Narain, proprietor of The Gecko's Realm, writes, "The Gecko's Realm has undergone a major facelift and is now up and running for your viewing pleasure. For those of you who don't know where the site is located, it can be found here:

A number of you over at Netscape have seen bits and pieces of the redesigned site from all my bug reporting. Now is your chance to see it as one tight, cohesive package.

Before heading over to the Realm, there are a number of items that you need to keep in mind...

1) All elements are positioned absolutely using 800x600 as the benchmark screen resolution. It is imperitive that your screen and/or Mozilla window be at 800x600 because of the element positioning.

2) The site was redesigned using the July 30th build as the benchmark. I make no guarantee that the site will work with earlier builds.

3) Please use apprunner and *not* viewer when going to the site. The reason is because all the various exhibits open in a separate Mozilla window using JS's which does not work with viewer. It is also recommended that you minimize the toolbar which contains the 'Home' and 'My Netscape' buttons. This gives the site a little more 'canvas' to work with.

4) For those of you tempted to try the site using IE5, let me save you the time by saying, 'Don't Bother!!!' Most of the DOM Level 1 that I use is *not* supported in IE5...I even manged to crash IE on a number of occasions when I tried it out."

UPDATE: Shashi has written in with an explanation as to the purpose of the site, and a reply to some of the posts in the talkback forum for this news item. Click "Full Article" below to read his comments.

#30 Lesson remains unlearned

by Anon

Sunday August 8th, 1999 4:55 PM

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As before, not just this site, but the responses to criticism from Netscape and Mozilla staffers show that no-one is learning the lessons any five year-old kid could have figured out on the web by now. It is not enough to pay lip service to interoperability and standards, you have to actually try to play the game. By deliberately doing things in the most exciting and new ways, you exclude everyone who isn't viewing your site with the very latest (not to say extremely unstable) desktop browsers. If this was your intention, fine. But if you have any genuine information on your site, it would be kinder to make it available to everyone, even if they have the mistfortune to be blind. "What? Blind? How can I overlay floating transparent text? How will a blind user know that my NEWS section contains NEW things if they can't see the rotating planet with "NEW" written on it?" Of course, stupid me. It's "standards compliant" which apparently means that <A HREF="..."> should be replaced by Javascript nonsense. No fall backs. No 2nd chance -- buy a proper PC, set the resolution nice and low, and enjoy the sound of people surfing away in every direction. Hope some of the people working on Mozilla don't share your attitude. Nick -- Best Viewed With A Computer