Help Sun and Mozilla with new 'Pluglet' API Spec

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999

Akhil Arora of Sun writes,

"Help define the Pluglet API

A Pluglet is a Plugin that is written in Java. A draft of the Pluglet API specification has been posted here. We would like Plugin writers to get involved in defining the API. Does it meet your needs? What additional feature would you like added to it? What pet peeve of yours would you like fixed? Please talkback at the newsgroup [at] or the mailing list."

#6 Signed Components

by Anon

Thursday August 5th, 1999 7:54 AM

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Um, Mr. Anon, you can have signed Applets that give you all the access to the local system resources (printers, com ports, hard disk) just like an ActiveX control, but in a cross platform way. And, as far as auto installing, what applet have you run across that hasn't auto installed?

My question about this whole topic is that isn't a Pluglet the same thing as an Applet? Can't an applet do the same thing as any plugin (such as display AVI files or MOV files like the quicktime plugin) merely by writing the rendering engine in java and making it an Applet? If the Pluglet/Applet needs access to system resources, just sign it.

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