Help Sun and Mozilla with new 'Pluglet' API Spec

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999

Akhil Arora of Sun writes,

"Help define the Pluglet API

A Pluglet is a Plugin that is written in Java. A draft of the Pluglet API specification has been posted here. We would like Plugin writers to get involved in defining the API. Does it meet your needs? What additional feature would you like added to it? What pet peeve of yours would you like fixed? Please talkback at the newsgroup [at] or the mailing list."

#16 Autoinstall

by Anon

Friday August 6th, 1999 7:45 AM

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I think the definition of autoinstall that has been defined by other posters: 'Permenantly copy files onto the local filesystem' is both a paradox, and not secure. Currently, if you are installing a plugin now, you have to at least tell all browsers to 'get the plugin' from a pop up window. Right there, it's not automatic. Also, if you are going to have any signed code to install software, again, you have to allow that software to be installed, and AGAIN, it's not automatic. The whole purpose of the java sandbox is that you can install software components without any user intervension, but in order to maintain the security of the sytstem, serious restrictions were placed on the java sandbox.

So, what you all are describing is persistant applets, which maybe could be as simple as adding a new parameter to the appliet tag such as persistant="true" or something like that wich informs the browser that it should hold on to the class files.