Help Sun and Mozilla with new 'Pluglet' API Spec

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999

Akhil Arora of Sun writes,

"Help define the Pluglet API

A Pluglet is a Plugin that is written in Java. A draft of the Pluglet API specification has been posted here. We would like Plugin writers to get involved in defining the API. Does it meet your needs? What additional feature would you like added to it? What pet peeve of yours would you like fixed? Please talkback at the newsgroup [at] or the mailing list."

#12 Autoinstall

by SomeSmartAss

Thursday August 5th, 1999 12:45 PM

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"install" implies that the code is placed on your HD permanantly.

The Applet model is similar to a "Network Install" available with certian Office productivity packages. The actual executible is available out on a network drive, and while you can run it off this drive, even pulling down certain portions of the code to your own local drive/memory, the next time you want to run it, you still have to go out and pull it down again. This takes up network resources, load time, and isn't always available to you (say the network goes down, or you have a notebook, that isn't always hooked into the network)

An "AutoInstall", at least to my mind (which is a tad feverish at times) implies that, once run it Automatically places the executables on your drive permenantly, so that the next time you run it, there's no need to pull anything from the network, or even to have network conectivity at all.

The Ideal pluglet autoinstall would actually permanently convert itself to native machine code so that the JVM wouldn't even be needed on further usages, but now I'm getting ahead of myself.