Help Sun and Mozilla with new 'Pluglet' API Spec

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999

Akhil Arora of Sun writes,

"Help define the Pluglet API

A Pluglet is a Plugin that is written in Java. A draft of the Pluglet API specification has been posted here. We would like Plugin writers to get involved in defining the API. Does it meet your needs? What additional feature would you like added to it? What pet peeve of yours would you like fixed? Please talkback at the newsgroup [at] or the mailing list."

#11 Autoinstall

by Anon

Thursday August 5th, 1999 10:31 AM

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Those .class files don't cache because the browser doesn't allow it, but there's no reason why they can't be cached like any other file (like images). Also, if applets are placed in .jar files, they are cached on the local file system.

As far as making the applet display area resizable, there's NO reason why you shouldn't be able to set a width and height as percentages (much like tables) in the width and height of the applet parameter. It's just that previous browsers implementation didn't allow it, but Java does allow resizing of all panels, therefore the browser can resize an applet without problems (one way to do this is to have the applet open up a seperate frame).

I still don't understand how you get non autoinstall based on the fact that you need to download the class files every time you restart your browser. IT's just that the applet needs to autoinstall over and over again, but it IS all automatic, there's no user intervention (as opposed to 'manual' install where you need to take manual steps to install the software).