Delay on Mozilla for Amiga

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999

James Russell writes, "Mozilla for the Amiga Classic has been delayed (it was supposed to be out for the World of Amiga show in London July 24th) and is now hoped for 4Q99 release. Personally I'm looking towards the Amiga MCC (multimedia convergence computer) ATX version this fall (which will run Linuxzilla with, perhaps, some optimizations), but for those who are intending to use the new Amiga OS 3.5 for Amiga Classic (due later this month), aMozilla will be a blessing, I imagine."

#1 Website dissappeared?

by Anon

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999 12:23 PM

What happened to the aMozilla website? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is this port really still alive? Or is this vapourware? The only site that I can still find is this:

and it hasn't been updated since March. Theres no binaries, no source. Is this for real?

#2 Here you go...

by Kovu

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999 1:41 PM

#9 RE: Here you go...

by Anon

Monday September 20th, 1999 2:19 PM

The link you supplied has since become invalid. What is going?

#3 hmm

by Anon

Thursday August 5th, 1999 8:40 AM

The so-called "Mozilla port" for the Amiga has very little Mozilla code in it. It has been written from the ground up, and they are attempting (unsucessfully) to bolt on the Gecko parser.

How about someone do a real port for Mozilla on the Amiga?

#7 hmm

by Anon

Monday August 9th, 1999 2:29 PM

Well, sir, hate to be rude but how the heck do you know that they are "unsuccesfully" trying to bolt on Gecko? Got some kinda insider knowledge have you, or are you just another lame speculator...

Im involved directly with the project and from what ive seen it is hardly unsuccesful. True, our port isnt a port of Mozilla as a whole, but that`d be really unrealistic on the Amiga.

#8 hmm

by Anon

Tuesday August 10th, 1999 10:38 AM

Why exactly would it be unrealistic?

#4 C64

by Anon

Sunday August 8th, 1999 3:08 PM

Where is Mozilla for C64!

#6 C64

by Kovu

Sunday August 8th, 1999 5:02 PM

Ha! Not that it wouldn't be interesting to see, but you may as well ask for one for the Coleco Adam!

#5 Delay on Mozilla for Amiga

by Kovu

Sunday August 8th, 1999 5:00 PM

Here's an update. Why these guys don't contact Chris themselves is beyond me, but whatever, that's what I'm for, I guess...