New 'Getting Involved' Page at

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999

Want to help with the Mozilla Project, and don't know where to start? David Hallowell writes, "For anyone interested in starting to get involved with Mozilla there's now a 'Getting Involved' page on dedicated to showing people how to get started.

They've also improved their guidelines on using Bugzilla."

#9 New 'Getting Involved' Page at

by taojc

Friday August 6th, 1999 12:06 PM

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On most UNIX systems, run "iconv" to convert document from one encoding to the other.

Frank Tang recently checked it a similar utility, 'nsconv', into the tree. You shall be able to run it on wherever Mozilla runs. Please read this thread for details: <news://…>

I strongly encourage you to post questions and ideas to the newsgroup where Mozilla's i18n/l10n experts discuss technical issues.

I'll post the win32 version of 'nsconv.exe' to the newsgroup. I suspect you need to download our latest builds to pick up related DLL though.