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Tuesday August 3rd, 1999

Want to help with the Mozilla Project, and don't know where to start? David Hallowell writes, "For anyone interested in starting to get involved with Mozilla there's now a 'Getting Involved' page on dedicated to showing people how to get started.

They've also improved their guidelines on using Bugzilla."

#7 New 'Getting Involved' Page at

by taojc

Friday August 6th, 1999 1:26 AM

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Here are two documents I posted regarding localizability issues in Seamonkey:



We recommend that you use UTF-8 encoding in DTD files. It's also the default charset in XUL if such info is not specified in the XML declaration section.

For *.properties files, you need to use escape unicode. Note that the code converter for escape-unicode in property file is scheduled for M10. I plan to check in a workaround to let it take UTF-8 encoding before the escape-unicode converter is ready. I'll post message to <news://…scape.public.mozilla.i18n> after the checkin.

You can also ask questions there and CC's me <<>>