Mozilla Runs on Debian Linux-m68K!

Monday August 2nd, 1999

Mozilla has now been successfully built and run on a pre-PowerPC Mac with Debian Linux-m68k installed as the OS. Read the news item at If you're running Debian Linux on an older Mac, download here and take Mozilla for a spin.

#7 Linux may be the recommended route to go for older

by ERICmurphy <>

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999 2:19 PM

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I dug this up...

> How many non-technical computer users use UNIX? "Just about anyone who accesses a Web, FTP, News or email server is using Unix, even if they don't realise it. As for desktop use, if you produced a really cut-down version of Unix that only does as much as DOS does, there's no reason why it would be any more complex to set up or use, either."

This is a good statement. People with older machines should technically ditch Windows or Mac OS if they want to use newer software on their present hardware.

However, such people with older machines are most likely not going to ditch the Windows 3.1 they are so used to, or the Mac OS they love.

Looks like these people are simply going to be left behind. It's a shame.