Mozilla Runs on Debian Linux-m68K!

Monday August 2nd, 1999

Mozilla has now been successfully built and run on a pre-PowerPC Mac with Debian Linux-m68k installed as the OS. Read the news item at If you're running Debian Linux on an older Mac, download here and take Mozilla for a spin.

#5 No Hard-Core Win16 programmers

by SomeSmartAss

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999 8:16 AM

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I've never met any die-hard Win16 programmers, (although I've met a suprising number of Comidore 64 ones) and I think thats where the problem lies. Most other operating systems have a small faction of geek supporters to help port open source projects to their OS of choice. Not so with win 3.1x. Most people I know who use Win16 do so only because the are forced to (by businesses/parents who can't afford to upgrade) I'd almost hazzard a guess that you'd be more likely see a port to the Apple II platform (long live Woz!!) before a port to pre 9x Windows.