Mozilla Runs on Debian Linux-m68K!

Monday August 2nd, 1999

Mozilla has now been successfully built and run on a pre-PowerPC Mac with Debian Linux-m68k installed as the OS. Read the news item at If you're running Debian Linux on an older Mac, download here and take Mozilla for a spin.

#4 Win3.11

by Anon

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999 7:49 AM

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A question that I was wondering if anyone could answer: how easy would it be to port Mozilla to 16 bit (3.1) Windows platforms or is there already people working on that?

I think it would be a shame if these people (many not technically knowledgable to run a free OS as yet) would have to shell out to Microsoft to upgrade to Win32 just to run a v5 browser (as well as possibly upgrade hardware too). As Mozilla is going to be smaller than communicator it would be ideal to port to Win16 for those who still use it.