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Friday July 30th, 1999

As you all know, AOL, Netscape's parent company has been involved in a cat-and-mouse game with Microsoft over access to their Instant Messaging protocol. Yesterday, AOL announced a partnership with Apple to bring Instant Messenger to Mac users. Today, Microsoft and other Messaging hopefuls wrote an open letter to Steve Case of AOL asking him to stop blocking them from access to the Instant Messenger protocol.

I'm not going to go into all the details regarding this at the moment, but I'd like to throw out an opinion and see what mozillaZine readers think. Click Full Article below to read more, and give us your opinions in Talkback.

(Note: this doesn't really affect Mozilla, but since AOL is now Netscape's parent company, I thought it would be interesting to get the opinions from those who are involved in or interested in the Mozilla project.)

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by Anon

Friday July 30th, 1999 10:50 PM

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** The MS document formats are already extensively documented. The quality is not very good, but it's about what you'd expect for the sort of cowboys who'd put a "Talking Paperclip" in a productivity tool. Having read the Excel docs, I'd say most errors / omissions are genuine mistakes. The best thing we could hope for out of this is a single "instant-messaging" standard codified in an RFC. AOL etc. will want proprietary extensions, but so long as the core messaging stuff remains standard, everyone -- particularly the users -- wins. The worst thing that could happen is that Microsoft "leverages" their user base in a future Win9x version (Oh the horror, DOS lives into the 21st century) or in W2K to create yet-another-proprietary-system, which is totally closed. Everyone who's glad we'd already standardised email before these idiots arrived, raise your hand :) Nick.