Full Article Attached Opinion: AOL/Microsoft Real-Time Messaging Debate

Friday July 30th, 1999

As you all know, AOL, Netscape's parent company has been involved in a cat-and-mouse game with Microsoft over access to their Instant Messaging protocol. Yesterday, AOL announced a partnership with Apple to bring Instant Messenger to Mac users. Today, Microsoft and other Messaging hopefuls wrote an open letter to Steve Case of AOL asking him to stop blocking them from access to the Instant Messenger protocol.

I'm not going to go into all the details regarding this at the moment, but I'd like to throw out an opinion and see what mozillaZine readers think. Click Full Article below to read more, and give us your opinions in Talkback.

(Note: this doesn't really affect Mozilla, but since AOL is now Netscape's parent company, I thought it would be interesting to get the opinions from those who are involved in or interested in the Mozilla project.)

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by Anon

Friday July 30th, 1999 5:53 PM

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Let's see the logic here is a little cloudy. Since AOL has a strangle hold on the market place for IM and ICQ no body should be allowed to compete against them, AOL supported "open source" until "open source" ment that somebody was able to compete on the same field with them. Let's see, AOL buys Netscape and then makes sure to bundle every version of Netscape with IM. I know that a lot of Microsoft bashers really can bring them self to say it, but AOL is in the wrong here. As wrong as Microsoft ever was. AOL seems to fear free enterprise. ICQ was a better program than AOL IM, so they bought it. Many diehard modem jockeys would never leave compuserve to go to AOL so they bought it, then they AOL'ed Compuserve. Sorry, the real loser her is AOL.