Full Article Attached Opinion: AOL/Microsoft Real-Time Messaging Debate

Friday July 30th, 1999

As you all know, AOL, Netscape's parent company has been involved in a cat-and-mouse game with Microsoft over access to their Instant Messaging protocol. Yesterday, AOL announced a partnership with Apple to bring Instant Messenger to Mac users. Today, Microsoft and other Messaging hopefuls wrote an open letter to Steve Case of AOL asking him to stop blocking them from access to the Instant Messenger protocol.

I'm not going to go into all the details regarding this at the moment, but I'd like to throw out an opinion and see what mozillaZine readers think. Click Full Article below to read more, and give us your opinions in Talkback.

(Note: this doesn't really affect Mozilla, but since AOL is now Netscape's parent company, I thought it would be interesting to get the opinions from those who are involved in or interested in the Mozilla project.)

#20 OpenHotmail

by Anon

Friday July 30th, 1999 12:35 PM

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Hey all,

Why don't we ask MS to open their hotmail mail store to the world. I mean, its about time that I can use any client that I want to read my hotmail mail. The only thing standing in my way is the fact that Microsoft spends TONS of money running hotmail and need to make some of it back.. what a bunch of self-serving b*stards.

Give me IMAP!!

OK - so I'm being a bit silly. Basically, I think that this whole debate is stupid. AOL spends a lot of money running the IM/ICQ systems and developing enhancements to those systems. MS is basically sending more messages through those systems (hence costing AOL most money) without compensating AOL.

BTW, this has NOTHING to do with the cable debate. You have been paying the monopoly cable systems high prices for years to ensure that they have the profits to build out their cable system. YOU paid for the cable system, not TCI not Comcast, not MediaOne. They have the easiest thing in the world… a monopoly for any particular geographical area - guaranteed revenue! Now that we, the public, have built the cable system we should not have it used against us to further hike prices and restrict our access to choose our own service provider.