Necko Has Landed!

Thursday July 29th, 1999

Necko, the new, modular networking library, has landed in the main branch of the CVS tree. Builds should be spun today containing the new Necko code (I tried downloading the latest win32 build from the FTP site - 1999-7-28-23-m9, and it seems corrupted, though). Necko will be stabilizing over the next few days, and the plan is to get all the functionality of M8 before spinning off an official M9 build.

If you're not familiar with Necko, read up on it. Netlib was the last major piece of the code to undergo a modularization process.

#22 Proxies: in or out of M9?

by Anon

Tuesday August 3rd, 1999 7:14 AM

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I looked through the newsgroups, and it's not clear if work on proxies made it into m9, or got traiged out. If they are _in_, I can get some of my development team to use mozilla as their normal browser, therefore getting testing done. I'd have thought that a lot of other people would be in the same situation, so it has to be in the best interests of mozilla to get the proxy stuff in as soon as poss?