Necko Has Landed!

Thursday July 29th, 1999

Necko, the new, modular networking library, has landed in the main branch of the CVS tree. Builds should be spun today containing the new Necko code (I tried downloading the latest win32 build from the FTP site - 1999-7-28-23-m9, and it seems corrupted, though). Necko will be stabilizing over the next few days, and the plan is to get all the functionality of M8 before spinning off an official M9 build.

If you're not familiar with Necko, read up on it. Netlib was the last major piece of the code to undergo a modularization process.

#21 Threading?

by davefiddes

Friday July 30th, 1999 2:05 AM

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Mozilla only has one UI thread but Necko has a bunch of threads to handle the network layer, caching, etc.

Making the UI multi-threaded would probably not be much of a win due to the increased complexity of the code and the fact that some platforms(Mac users please raise your hand) can't handle threads in their GUI. Having said that...

Dave Hyatt would appear to have had a fruitful evening adding embedded message loops(just with PeekMessage/PostMessage on Windows for now) at strategic loopy points in the system. Just adding about 30 lines(admitedly not XP code yet) would appear to have improved the responsiveness of the UI no end.