Necko Has Landed!

Thursday July 29th, 1999

Necko, the new, modular networking library, has landed in the main branch of the CVS tree. Builds should be spun today containing the new Necko code (I tried downloading the latest win32 build from the FTP site - 1999-7-28-23-m9, and it seems corrupted, though). Necko will be stabilizing over the next few days, and the plan is to get all the functionality of M8 before spinning off an official M9 build.

If you're not familiar with Necko, read up on it. Netlib was the last major piece of the code to undergo a modularization process.

#18 Speed

by Anon

Thursday July 29th, 1999 7:02 PM

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Dude, you rock Hyatt. I've been a 'lurker' on the mozilla lists for awhile, and have always respected your insites when the entire conception of the new Mozilla was being formed. Thank you _very_ much for the Gecko speed improvements! I downloaded M6 and M7 and was very depressed at the slow speed of XUL and the scriptable chrome system; I thought that the interpreted nature of the chrome system was going to make things very slow, and the speed of these two milestones confirmed my fears. However, I just downloaded M8, and the thing is damned FAST! I'm once again very excited about Mozilla, and am learning all I can about XPCom, XPConnect, and the XPToolkit system. I'm a very experienced Java developer, but a very inexperienced C++ developer, so I've had to sit on the sidelines somewhat in Mozilla development. However, with the new Blackwood project to allow Mozilla scripted with Java components, I'm very excited that I can begin to use Mozilla as a web-operating system platform. Thanks.