MSNBC Gives Netscape Bug Reporting an 'F'

Monday July 26th, 1999

Ben Gertzfield writes, "Get this -- MSNBC is grading different corporations on how good their public bug-tracking systems are.

And, of course, being a MS-run site, they give Netscape an F because they couldn't find bugzilla.

How sad. Netscape is the ONE corp that's good enough to make all of its bugs totally public AND release their bug-tracking software as open source software, and MSNBC has to pull a stunt like this. See the article link for the exact text."

To find out about the quality of a company's bug reporting system, they do a search on "bug".

#38 MSNBC stories often fail to load properly

by maynard <>

Wednesday July 28th, 1999 11:43 AM

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I find a large number of MSNBC stories often fail to load properly under Linux/Netscape 4.6. Usually what happens is that the top teaser loads, and then it doesn't auto-load the full article underneath those mid-level ads. It's usually Javascript bugs (bugs in their Javascript code) and it seems random... some stories have the problem, others don't. IE always loads the story fine. Feedback to MSNBC never gets anywhere, they don't reply and they don't fix the problem.

Anyone else see this? And if it's deliberate, what to do?