MSNBC Gives Netscape Bug Reporting an 'F'

Monday July 26th, 1999

Ben Gertzfield writes, "Get this -- MSNBC is grading different corporations on how good their public bug-tracking systems are.

And, of course, being a MS-run site, they give Netscape an F because they couldn't find bugzilla.

How sad. Netscape is the ONE corp that's good enough to make all of its bugs totally public AND release their bug-tracking software as open source software, and MSNBC has to pull a stunt like this. See the article link for the exact text."

To find out about the quality of a company's bug reporting system, they do a search on "bug".

#31 That's a bug in MozillaZine, actually

by Anon

Tuesday July 27th, 1999 6:58 PM

You are replying to this message

Let's face it Chris, most of us don't want to be loading umpteen different pages just to read all the comments to a story. And when a reply (like this one) is made to a message, only its title, author and date appears. So another page has to be loaded just to see the reply.

This means, I am almost certain, that most people choose flat mode to read comments.

And what happens when people choose flat mode? That `reply to message' link *doesn't appear*!

See the problem?

So it's a usability bug, Chris. To fix it on a minor level, include the `reply' link in the flat mode as well as the threaded mode. But that's not the ideal solution.

The ideal solution is to change the `threaded' mode to a `nested' mode, where replies are indented after the original, rather than being hidden inside links.

This second option would mean that the current two-column page layout would no longer be a good idea (pages would start horizontally scrolling if there were replies to replies to replies), but hey, if you got rid of the two-column layout for comments, the page would display much faster in Communicator ... :-)

-- mpt